Why should I visit a bathroom showroom before beginning a renovation?

Bathroom redesign can be both super-exciting and very tricky, as you’re working within space limitations and probably have no-compromise fittings you definitely need in there (think […]

How a bathroom designer can help create the bathroom of your dreams

When you move into a new house, deciding how you’ll decorate is all part of the fun.  A piece of artwork here, a sofa there… it’s […]

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Getting the most out of a small bathroom space can feel like fighting a losing battle. Nowadays, though, there are plenty of bathroom interior design solutions, […]

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

You might not think bathrooms are the first place to express design trends (we all saw how well the avocado green and toothpaste pink bathroom suites from the 70s aged!). But the design scene is always changing, and the products available needn’t be trend-led to express your own personal tastes.
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