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Step One: Visit Our Showroom

We are based on the outskirts of Plymouth City Centre, where you are able to walk around our huge selection of bathroom products and over 50 displays we can help you achieve your dream bathroom.

It also makes for the perfect opportunity to meet and discuss with our creative and knowledgeable team and gives you the chance to explore the stunning concepts.

With the variety and diversity of the innovative products that we have to offer, including exclusive and bespoke ranges, we can work with you and help you realise the potential for your personal space.

View our Meet The Team page to become familiar with our talented team.

Step Two: A Site Visit

We like to get a feel of the space ourselves and talk to you in the space to really understand what you are looking to achieve.

We also use this opportunity to not only measure up but to look into the other important practical elements of your space such as the heating system and its positioning of products.

If a site visit is not feasible or unnecessary, we are happy to work from architects’ plans.

Step Three: Presentation

Our designers work with Compusoft or hand drawings to give you the visualisation of your dream bathroom.

Before this, a full quotation for all products is specified and calculated, all of which are presented to you in our showroom.

Together we make any amendments you wish until you a completely satisfied with the design and collection of products.

Step Four: Installation

Next we can refer you to a very experienced installer, who has been working with us for many years, to visit the property to calculate a labour and skills cost and then installation of your new bathroom can commence on an agreed date.

After Sales Support

Once your bathroom has been transformed into the most luxurious and tranquil part of your home – just the way it should be – we hope you enjoy every moment spent in it. Should you need any help after the completion of your bathroom please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

View our Testimonials page to read testimonials from our happy customers.

Request a Consultation by completing the form below. We also recommend you view the high standard of our previous projects on the Our Projects page.

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