Colour in the Bathroom

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July 13, 2017

What colours should you consider when redecorating

We’re well into the season of refurbishment and mini-remodelling projects with our homes, with the bathroom often being the most popular room to redecorate.

Recently I have been finding that lots of people have been asking, what is ‘THE’ colour to decorate their bathrooms for this year.

At the beginning of the year, there was lots of speculation from designers about what the “it” colour would be; Marlin – a shade of blue with a dollop of purple, Kale, Cedar Green, Dusty Pink, Niagara and many more votes for Kale!

Some people even joked that they wouldn’t have to modernise their 1960’s avocado suites as it seemed to be the in thing!

I like to be inspired by the latest designs and colour concepts, however, I am always championing the idea of adding your own twist and style to things.

If you find that you want to break the trend and explore the whole colour wheel of possibilities, my advice would be to theme your bathroom around your favourite season.

At Villeroy & Boch they’re offering bright palettes from the fresh green of spring to a summery yellow, autumnal pinks or a crisp wintry blue: colours create moods, evoke emotions and are ideal for stamping your bathroom with your own personal style.

Inspired by the kaleidoscope of seasonal colours in Paris, the designer Gesa Hansen has developed an exciting new colour concept that opens up boundless creative scope for bathroom design. Choose from fifteen harmonious bathroom colours to create your very own bathroom highlight with Villeroy & Boch.

Working with Villeroy & Boch, I’m excited to be able to offer and work with these colours when creating concepts for my clients. I feel that we have spent a lot of time on creating neutral designs and it may be time to add that pop of colour you’ve been too timid to try … a gentle start would be to start bringing in your favourite shades with accessories and towels. From there you may find yourself picking out bold tiles or even pastel suites.

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